Hints for Selling a Property

Selling your property

Buyers are available all year round, however in a tourist destination such as Port Lincoln, increased numbers are found in the main school holiday periods.
Economic conditions also have a relative effect on investment properties. Be aware of government elections, budgets, interest rate changes and general real estate cycles.
Presentation of your property is a critical factor towards achieving the highest possible price. Important points to remember are:-
* First impressions have impact. Make sure your gardens, lawns and driveway are well presented.
* Remove any excess items, clutter + mess as they present poorly and make rooms look smaller than they really are.
* Eliminate any animal odours and cigarette smells with a fragrance.
* Repair any dampness noticeable on walls or ceilings.
* Have carpets professionally cleaned, especially if stained.
* Repair and service any poor sliding doors and windows.
* Repaint any areas that are in any way badly scuffed or patched up and obvious. It is an affordable and fresh way to present a room.
* Fresh flowers, coffee, baked bread, a bowl of fresh fruit and soft background music all help to achieve an excellent ambience for potential buyers.
* Open certain drapes to allow light in appropriate areas and windows to allow air circulation.
* Leave lights on in selected areas such as the kitchen and bathrooms as they are key selling points.
* Go for a walk or drive during inspections as most buyers feel uncomfortable with the owner in the house.
* If selling a vacant dwelling the hire of a small amount of appropriate furniture takes that emptiness away.
Ask Amanda for advice on any of these factors and anything else you may have concerns about.