Hints on Buying a Property

Buying a property

Do your research
Know what sort of property you want to buy.
Make a list of things you require from that property.
If you are buying in an area with which you are not familiar, drive and walk around the streets at different times of the day.
Talk to people who live in the area that appeals to you.
Ask questions

Has the property been rented for long periods of time? It might need some refurbishment and redecorating.
Is the house owned by a retired couple? They often have the time to look after a property properly and use top quality fittings to ensure low maintenance.
How close is transport, schools etc.
Are there walking track short cuts to shops and parks?
What is the general age of the people who live in this area?
All this research is vital when choosing a property.

Select a property
Now that you have a property in mind you may also want to check its soundness and overall condition.
You will need a building inspector and maybe also arrange for a pest report. If you can, you should go to the property with the building inspector to obtain his first hand opinions and off-the-cuff comments.
Ask Amanda for advice on any of these factors and anything else you may have concerns about.